50 Great Websites for Special Needs Educators

The following is a list of 50 Great Websites for Special Needs Educators which includes wonderful resources for special needs educators. The list contains links for associations, council, centers, and societies. It also has links for conferences and financial aid and internships. Teachers looking for helpful websites, articles, and research will find links for those as well. Blogs and Facebook pages are also included in this list.


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Associations, Councils, Centers, and Societies

American Council on Rural Special Education: The American Council on Rural Special Education, founded in 1981, attempts to provide services and information to those with disabilities.
Autism Society: The Autism Society, founded in 1965, has more than 120,000 members and supporters and strives to provide information, services, and support to the autism community.
Council for Exceptional Children: The Council for Exceptional Children enhances the lives of children with disabilities and/or gifts.
International Dyslexia Association: The International Dyslexia Association provides information and resources for those with dyslexia.
National Association of Special Education Teachers: NASET provides special education teachers the support they need to be successful in the classroom.
National Center for Learning Disabilities: The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) improves the lives of people with learning disabilities by providing information, programs, and events.
National Down Syndrome Society:  Since 1979, the National Down Syndrome Society (ndss) has been the national advocate for those with down syndrome.
National Education Association: The National Education Association (NEA) promotes the rights of all children and educators.
National Organization on Disability: The National Organization on Disability represents all Americans with disabilities and focuses on their abilities.
TASH: For more than 35 years, TASH has worked toward inclusion for all with disabilities.

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Council for Exceptional Children: The CEC 2015 Convention & Expo will take place in San Diego.
International Association of Special Education: The IASE Conference will take place in Poland in June 2015.
NASET Conferences and Workshops: The National Association of Special Education Teachers provides conferences and workshops.
Teacher Education Division (TED): The Teacher Education Division (TED) of the Council for Exceptional Children has been organizing a national conference for the past 37 years.

Financial Aid

Federal Student Aid: Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grants can be helpful when all of the requirements are met.
Federal Student Aid: Teacher Loan Forgiveness for federal student loans is possible when meeting certain criteria.

Helpful Websites, Articles and Research

All About Learning Press: All About Learning Press gives tips for teaching children with special needs.
Education Corner: Education Corner provides information about the inclusion classroom.
eSchool News: In this link, eSchool News lists 9 great apps for special needs students and teachers.
Friendship Circle: The articles describes The Top 10 Challenges of Special Education Teachers.
National Center for Special Education Research: The National Center for Special Education Research provides research for educators to build their knowledge of special education.
Education Week: Education Week has articles and special features about special education.
K12 Academics: K12 Academics has information about many different types of special needs.
PhD in Special Education: PhD in Special Education provides an article about how to support students with special needs.
Reading Rockets: Reading Rockets offers multiple articles on various special education topics.
Teacher Vision: Teacher Vision provides many different teaching resources for teachers including printables, curriculum, and management.
Vanderbilt Peabody College: Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College offers information about special education research.

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Teaching Resources

Can Do! Kids: Can Do! Kids helps kids find their abilities with fun online activities.
Do 2 Learn: Do 2 Learn is the ultimate resource for people with special needs with access to songs, games, picture cards, and more.
Incredible Art: Incredible @rt Department offers teachers tips on teaching art to students with special needs.
Intervention Central: Intervention Central gives teachers access to Response to Intervention (RTI) Resources including academic and behavior interventions.
Lesson Plans: Lesson Plans has lesson plans on many different topic areas and specifically includes special needs.
National Center for Learning Disabilities: This site offers information about 504 plans and IEPs.
National Education Association: The National Education Association gives research and tools that will help teachers of special needs students.
SEN Teacher: SEN Teacher has free printables including worksheets and teacher resources.
Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI): SERI provides teachers of special needs students with an abundance of information on many different topics.


Goodreads: Goodreads offers popular special education books which would be helpful for educators of special needs students.
LDonline: LDonline recommends books for parents and educators.
Scholastic: Scholastic suggests these books that offer special needs students literature heroes.


About.com Special Education: This blog offers numerous resources for special education teachers.
Life in Special Education: To find giveaways and inspiration from a special education teacher, take a look at the Life in Special Education blog.
Reality 101 by Council for Exceptional Children: Reality 101 is the Council for Exceptional Children’s blog that gives teachers tips, resources, and inspiration.
Special 2 Me: Resources and inspiration can be found on this blog.
Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: This blog offers ideas and inspiration for teachers of special needs students.
The Cooke Special Education Blog: The Cooke Center for Learning and Development is a school in New York City for students age 5-21.

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Facebook Pages

eSpecial Needs: Adaptive equipment and therapy solutions can be found on eSpecial Needs that can make life easier for those with special needs.
IEP Pal: Teachers that have students with IEPs will appreciate this Facebook page.
Ser4Kids: Ser4Kids Learning Made Easy is Special Education Resources for Kids has games, activities, worksheets, and resources.