Masters in Special Education at Temple University

Masters in Special Education at Temple UniversityIndividuals suffering from disabilities commonly need specialized education to reach their full potential and effectively learn. A Masters in Special Education is a special degree for aspiring educators seeking to work with children or young adults who require modified education. This degree is intended for those who have previously completed a bachelor’s degree either in education or related area. It enhances teaching abilities and enables educators to teach students with a wide range of disabilities from mild to severe. Students take a variety of courses related to meeting the learning needs of students with disabilities. They learn the characteristics of various conditions, ways to recognize disabilities, and effective teaching methods. They also learn how to modify lessons and curricula for specific disabilities. A Masters in Special Education prepares future educators to fill in-demand teaching positions. Graduates will be equipped with specialized instructional skills to make a difference in the lives of special needs individuals.

Details of The Masters in Special Education at Temple University

The Masters in Special Education at Temple University is intended for students who already hold teacher certification in various areas, such as early childhood or middle grades education. Graduates are able to gain certification in special education from grades Pre-K through grade 8. The program is dedicated to evidence-based instructional methods and their incorporation into real classrooms. It is also committed to identifying and improving the impact of socio-cultural issues on the learning of children with disabilities.

The Masters in Special Education at Temple University focuses on preventative methods to support enhanced teaching and learning and it is dedicated to inclusive practices. Students in the program have the ability to concentrate in three areas of study: mild disabilities, severe disabilities, and autism/applied behavior analysis. Students can complete courses at the main campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or at the campus in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Some courses are also offered online or through video conference. The Masters in Special Education at Temple University requires 24 to 27 semester hours, as three semester hours of a practicum in special education is required for students who do not have at least one year of teaching experience of students with disabilities.

Examples of required courses involved in the Masters in Special Education at Temple University include literary instruction for individuals with disabilities, effective instructional strategies for children with disabilities, assistive technology and universal design, and classroom management and positive behavior support.

Prospective students must meet the general admission requirements established by the College of Education and Graduate School, such as a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and satisfactory scores on entrance examinations. Applicants must also submit professional letters of recommendation, professional goals statement, and valid teaching certification.

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The Middle States Commission on Higher Education regionally accredits Temple University. Also, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Teacher Education Accreditation Counseling approve all teacher preparation programs. The U.S. News and World Report ranks the College of Education at Temple University number 53 for Best Education Schools.

The tuition for the College of Education graduate programs is $687 per credit hour for Pennsylvania residents and $961 per credit hour for out of state residents. Temple University offers scholarships, grants, educational loans, and federal work-study financial aid programs. A Masters in Special Education at Temple University is a good choice for individuals with previous teaching experience seeking to become certified in special education.