How Can You Specialize an Education Degree in ADHD?

ADHDIf you would like to instruct students with specific learning disabilities, you may be interested in learning how to specialize an education degree in ADHD. Teachers with a general teaching certificate and a general degree in education teach students who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder every day; however, it is teachers who have taken the time to learn about unique teaching styles and learning methods that are making a difference in both public and private schools.

Specializing your education degree will help you get attention for general teaching positions and also for positions with ADHD-friendly programs. Read on, and learn about the steps that you need to take to earn a specialized degree where you can learn just how ADHD affects children and are formally trained to educate students with ADHD.

Why Do Teachers Need to Learn New Strategies for Teaching Students with ADHD?

A program needs to possess three different components in order for students who have ADHD to succeed, according to the US Department of Education. These three components include: Academic Instruction, Behavioral Interventions and Classroom Accommodations. Unfortunately, when an educator is not familiar with the strategies that need to be implemented, the student suffers because of the rigid structure and the lack of knowledge by the teacher.

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Academic instruction for students with ADHD needs to be very structured and organized. Students must have advanced organizers and simplified choices so that there is consistency and predictability. Children must be identified and then individually assessed to receive the instruction and the interventions that are truly effective. Without specialized training and continuing education in this area of teaching, teachers may not be able to reach all of the demographics in their classroom.

Earning a Degree in Special Education

If you would like to really learn about the challenges of teaching students with learning disabilities, one of the best ways to get advanced knowledge so that you are equipped to face the issues head-on is to earn a specialized master’s degree. When you take a master’s degree program in education, you can customize the degree to suit your unique professional needs. While some do not feel like students with ADHD will require special education programs, earning your degree in special education is what will turn you into a specialist.

Many different graduate schools offer advanced graduate programs in education that concentrate on special education. These programs will cover a variety of different physical and mental disabilities so that you know what the students are struggling with and how their learning can progress. You will learn how to modify your curriculum plans, how to engage students with disabilities, and how to deal with behavioral issues in an effective manner. These programs very often focus on the implementation of Individualized Education Plans and getting certified as a Special Education teacher.

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If your goal is to become a specialized teacher who instructs students who specifically have been diagnosed with ADHD, it is time to learn more about certification options through the National Association of Special Education Teachers. To get certified, you first need to earn a master’s degree with a focus on special education. To further specialize, you can take your elective courses in subjects that pertain to ADD and ADHD. Once you specialize an education degree in ADHD, you can become board certified with the NASET.