Master’s in Special Education Degree Programs in Kentucky

Kentucky is known as the “Bluegrass State” for its beautiful pastures and fertile soil. Home of the world-famous Kentucky Derby, the first leg of the renowned Triple Crown horse race, and Mammoth Caves National Park, the world’s longest cave system, this south-central state has a penchant for going big.

Higher education in Kentucky follows this tendency and supports eight public four-year universities and 16 public two-year colleges. A variety of master’s degrees and post-baccalaureate degrees in education offer students opportunities to compete in this ever-changing field. Whether it’s raising prize-winning horses or well-educated students, Kentucky is primed to produce champions.

Note: Those interested in distance learning programs should consult our recommendations for Online Master’s in Special Education.

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Northern Kentucky University, KY

College of Education and Human Services

Northern Kentucky University’s College of Education and Human Services is committed to innovation and excellence in the preparation of professional educators and counselors. State-of-the-art technologies are available in all fields of study with advanced learning environments on campus and through distance-learning programs in an online format.

The College of Education and Human Services offer post-baccalaureate and master’s level curricula in Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Grades and Special Education that must be paired with a separate education program. Certification programs are also available in Health and Physical Education.

Master of Arts in Education: Teacher as Leader – Special Education Learning Behavior Disorders (MA.Ed.) (P-12)

The Master of Arts in Education: Teacher as a Leader degree offers a concentration in Special Education Learning Behavior Disorders for preschool through grade 12. The program prepares special education teachers to work with children and youth with learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders.

The degree program is for enhancement to a current teaching certification. It is available for completion through a blended format of on-campus and online coursework. Core competencies in special education include:

-Assessments and screening for preschoolers.
-Preschool language development and literacy.
-Behavior analysis for disabled children.
-Remediation techniques for learning and behavior disorders.
-Curriculum development and implementation for special needs children and youth.
-Technology use in a special education classroom.
-Inclusion methods for learning, emotional and behavioral disorders.

Additional endorsements are available for special education concentrations options.

Post-Baccalaureate Alternative Certification in Special Education – Learning and Behavior Disorders (P-12)

The Post-Baccalaureate program in Special Education – Learning and Behavior Disorders is a teacher preparation series for certification only. Beginning teacher skills in special education prepare students for a career as an educator serving children and youth (grades P-12) with learning and behavior disorders. This is a non-degree program but a portion of the graduate coursework can be applied to the Master of Arts in Education degree. Classes are conveniently offered online or during evening hours on campus.

Learning outcomes of the Alternative Certification in Special Education include: Assessment techniques and behavior analysis for students with exceptionalities, teaching methods for learning and behavior disorders, curriculum development, collaboration and inclusion methods, working with families of students with special needs. A Kentucky Teacher Internship is required for completion of the program.


The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

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