5 Functions of the National Association of Private Special Education Centers

The National Association of Private Special Education Centers, also known as the NAPSEC, is a nonprofit organization that has offices in Washington DC, New Jersey and other parts of the country. The organization offers helpful information for special education centers and for the parents of special needs students.

Granting Awards

Granting awards is just one function of the National Association of Private Special Education Centers. This organization accepts nominations from schools, special needs education centers, parents and teachers every year. Those nominating someone for an award must complete an online form that explains why the individual deserves recognition. The NAPSEC announces its award winners towards the end of every year. It also grants awards to other organizations, education centers and schools too.

Holding Conferences

The NAPSEC Leadership Conference is an annual event that the organization holds every year in January. It brings together teachers and administrators from across the country, but anyone who is a member of the organization can also attend. This conference includes special activities that let guests talk about and learn more about educating special needs students. It also includes guest lecturers. The organization also hosts a special event called Legislative Day later in the spring. Members descend on Washington DC to bring attention to programs for kids with special needs and funding for schools that offer programs for those students.

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Maintaining Accreditation

The National Association of Private Special Education Centers works closely with the National Commission for Accreditation of Special Education Services (NCASES). This second organization is the one responsible for accrediting programs for special needs students. It only grants accreditation to schools and programs that demonstrate a commitment to its students and the community at large, those that work closely with parents to meet the goals of their students and those that have a clear mission statement or series of goals that parents can view. The NAPSEC can help those programs learn more about the accreditation process as well as help the founders of those programs apply for and maintain accreditation.

Referring Children

Members of this nonprofit organization can also get help with their own children or with the children living in their communities. It offers referral help that can provide parents and educators with the resources that those children need. They can get help finding a special program in their city or state, looking for a school that has special education classes or even with finding private help through a tutor or another professional. They can also search based on the overall needs of the child, including the type of condition the child has and whether he or she can communicate verbally.

Assisting with Job Searches

According to the official website of the National Association of Private Special Education Centers, the organization also assists members with finding jobs in the field. The job listing board on the site includes hundreds of open positions but also includes links to more than 500 directories and online job boards that list similar teaching jobs and open jobs in the education field. Members can also turn to the NAPSEC for help finding qualified candidates. Member organizations can list open jobs on the site and receive applications and resumes from other members.

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Special education or special needs students often suffer from conditions like autism. While some have trouble speaking or communicating with others, others are energetic and have a hard time sitting still in class. The National Association of Private Special Education Centers is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping other organizations and its members learn more about this industry, find and post job openings and get referrals for students.

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