5 Great Blogs About Autism

When you learn that your own child or a loved one suffers from autism, looking at blogs about autism can help you understand more about this complex disorder. Those on the autism spectrum may have issues making friends in school, expressing their thoughts and emotions and doing simple tasks like cleaning their rooms or caring for themselves. The top blogs are valuable resources for anyone who wants to know more about this common disorder.

Autism Day by Day

Autism Speaks, one of the largest organizations devoted to autism, recommends the blog Autism Day by Day. Donna Ross-Jones, the woman behind the blog, helped found the organization Special Needs Network, runs her own business and raises a song diagnosed with autism as a single mom. Though she started her blog as a way to talk about her own struggles, she now offers advice and guidance for other parents too. Autism Day by Day offers tips on choosing a special needs school, resources that teachers and parents can use and even advice on picking a summer camp.

We Go With Him

One of the best blogs about autism that will give you an inside look into what these children go through is We Go With Him. Kristina Chew is a teacher and the mother of a young boy named Charlie. She launched the blog in the hopes of connecting with other parents after Charlie’s doctor diagnosed him with autism. The blog often features pictures of Charlie and his family doing things together, which shows you that those with autism are not as limited as you might think.

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Seattle Children’s Hospital Autism Blog

Seattle Children’s Hospital is one of the top pediatric hospitals in the country, and the hospital now runs its own blog dedicated to autism. This is one of the top blogs about autism because it offers practical tips for parents. You’ll find tips on taking your kids on a summer vacation, keeping them calm during a doctor’s appointment and how to arrange for an assessment of your child. This blog also has interviews available with leading doctors that can help you better understand what your child’s diagnosis really means.

Adventures in Extreme Parenthood

Adventures in Extreme Parenthood is another great blog for parents of autistic children. Sunday Stillwell created the blog after seeing that many of the ones she read were from those dealing with higher functioning children. As her kids were on the lower end of the spectrum, she wanted to express her feelings in a safe place and let others know that they weren’t alone. Her blog often features stories and images that will make you laugh.

Lost and Tired

Reading blogs about autism written by parents just like you can help you see that there are others going through the same struggles and facing the same problems as you every day. Lost and Tired is one of the only blogs run by the father of autistic children. Rob Groski actually has three small boys at home who all suffer from autism. Instead of writing articles full of technical jargon, he writes simple articles that everyone can understand that talk about the specific struggles that he faces as he raises his young sons.

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Parents of children diagnosed with autism may feel like they’re alone and that no one else could possibly understand what they go through. The top blogs show them that they are far from alone. If you want useful tips on raising your children, help on getting through the day or photos that will make you smile, you should check out some of the top blogs about autism.

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