5 Helpful Apps for Special Education Teachers

As a special needs educator, you work with children suffering from disabilities and handicaps every day, which is why you should take a look at some of the top apps for special education teachers. Those children may act out in various ways, including shouting or throwing things, but they may also have a hard time following your lesson plan or doing simple activities in class. Teachers like yourself can benefit from apps that make working with those kids a little easier.

Video Scheduler

Video Scheduler is one of the best apps for special education teachers who work with a smaller number of kids and those who work with children in private homes. The app allows each child to follow his or her schedule every day. It provides them with short videos and visual cues that alert them when they near the end of a lesson or when it’s time to take a break for lunch.

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ABA Flash Cards & Games

ABA therapy is a type of therapy that uses repetition to keep children engaged in lessons. This therapy is useful when working with children diagnosed with autism and similar conditions. ABA Flash Cards & Games is an app that provides teachers with flash cards and interactive games that they can use when working with kids. You can download different apps to teach things like emotions. Kids learn from the images seen on those digital flash cards how they should act or react in different situations.

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The Social Express

Asperger syndrome is similar to autism, but students diagnosed with the syndrome generally function at a higher level. These kids often have a difficult time responding to social cues and interacting with others. The Social Express is one of the top apps for special education teachers who work with children with Asperger syndrome. It works like a game to show children animated images of people in different situations and scenarios. Kids can use the app to determine what to do in similar situations and to get help forming real friendships with other kids.

Montessori Numbers

Some of the best apps for special education teachers focus on helping educators teach a specific subject or topic. Montessori Numbers is an app that teaches kids basic math skills like subtraction and addition on a phone or tablet. Special needs students often have a hard time learning math skills because they are visual learners. This app lets them actually touch buttons and move things on the screen to count numbers, move blocks and do other simple tasks. The idea is that the repetitive use of the app and the interactive element will help them retain that knowledge.

Clicker Docs

When making a list of the top apps for special education teachers, Randall Palmer included Clicker Docs on his list. Clicker Docs is essentially a word processing app that helps children with all types of disabilities learn how to create effective documents. One feature lets the app predict what words a child attempts to write to help them write faster, but the app also checks their grammar and spelling for mistakes as they write. When you use this app in your classroom, you can even customize the app to include longer or harder words for more advanced students.

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Using special education apps is a great way to bring in some new technology to your classroom. These apps help students learn basic skills and better schedule their time. You can use these apps while working in the field or during tutoring sessions too. The best apps for special education teachers are available for iOS and Android devices.