5 Pinterest Accounts for Special Education Teachers

As a special education teacher, ed-tech, or a person working towards employment in a special education department, you know the importance of incorporating new and innovative ideas into curriculum. Pinterest provides a wealth of such ideas, and hosts multiple accounts held by special education professionals (and parents) who have made it their goal to provide a valuable resource to others. Here are 5 of the best pinterest accounts for Special Education that you can use to supplement your own great ideas today!

5 Amazing Pinterest Accounts For Special Education


Board: 4 SpEd, RSP, Ed Diags

Filled with quotes for inspiration, ideas for morning and afternoon routines, and strategies for different learning styles, this pediastaff.com board directed at teachers working in special education is a great place to start when exploring Special Education themed Pinterest Boards.

Look for: Printables, binder ideas, creative menus.

2. Speech Sprouts

With 177Boards, 49.8k pins, 106 likes, and 4.7k followers, Speech Sprouts provides seemingly endless activities and ideas for speech therapy. From flash cards to party foods, the teacher(s) at Speech Sprouts post only quality pins that other teachers can use.

Look for: Season-themed collection boards, collections by grade level, autism resources.

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3. Mrs D’s Corner

This pinterest account is from a Houston, Texas based Special Education teacher and blogger. Not only does she cover all areas of special education based academics, she also has boards about fun teacher fashion and classroom management. Mrs D knows that there is more to a teacher than just his or her lesson plans.

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Look for: Inspirational posts, book lists, sensory arts and crafts, a personal touch.

4. Play, Learn, Teach

Another Pinterest account for special education created by an experienced teacher, Play, Learn, Teach comes straight from published education author Denise Funfsinn. A collection of 197 boards, special education teachers can rely on this account for access to a steady stream of free teaching resources and fun classroom ideas.

Look for: fresh assessment ideas, fun activities in art, geography, and language arts, and ideas for group/circle time.

5. A Special Kind of Class

If you are seeking a reliable source for classroom ideas and age appropriate lists of books to read, A Special Kind of Class incorporates art, reading, technology, and other media to create a comprehensive resource for lesson planning and classroom management.

Look for: Animal curriculum, fitness ideas, early childhood education ideas, and educational videos.

Why Do Teachers Use Pinterest Accounts for Special Education?

Pinterest is a place for people from around the globe to share their ideas along with things they have found while searching the world wide web. It is a resource that provides individuals and groups with free access to information they may have never seen. Following a handful of Special Education based Pinterest accounts exponentially increases the amount of curriculum an educator can use with their students.

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Take The Next Step

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