In her over 20-year-long career, Professor Kharon Grimmet has been a special and general education teacher, a clinical associate professor, and now a Program Coordinator for Purdue University’s Special Education online degree program. Her many research endeavors focus heavily on enabling people with intellectual disabilities to share their perspectives on their own quality of life. Though this article covers her work with photo elicitation, she has also explored how music therapy can have a positive impact on autistic children’s social skills. In every aspect of her life’s work, Professor Grimmet champions inclusion and battles bias against people with disabilities.

Study to Become a Special Education Teacher

Before American legislators passed the Education for All Handicapped Children Act in 1975, the country’s education system treated children with disabilities as at best an afterthought and at worst a burden. Many children and families were effectively shunned from public

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What is an Early Intervention Specialist?

The human brain is at its most malleable from the ages of 0 to 3. As babies and toddlers play peek-a-boo and learn how to crawl, they’re developing important neural pathways that influence their motor skills, emotional regulation processes, and

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What Are Some Prerequisites for a Master’s in Special Education?

Earning a Master’s in Special Education can help you expand your career options in and out of the classroom. You might discover a love for research and craft a study that changes special education for the better. Or if you’re

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